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Hi, good evening everyone. I have decided that I want to start a blog about DJ controllers. The good, the bad and the ugly. I have been a bedroom, or actually dining room DJ as long as I can remember. Probably something like 20 or more years. When I started you had a choice between vinyl or vinyl, I remember my first pair of decks were some cheap Gemini things with a 6% pitch that was left to right and about 2 inches long. They were as bad as the £20 mixer I got with them but they were enough to get me hooked. 

After vinyl came the CDJ's. It took me a long time to convert, and I only really made the change when I ended up playing at a bar that didn't have turntables. This didn't last long though as I ended up bringing my own and still playing vinyl. At that point though I was noticing the ease of CD's over vinyl, and the cheaper cost. I ended up buying less vinyl and buying music on Itunes to burn my own Cds. Truth is, I still haven't converted, but with MP3 the cost of music fell through the floor and vinyl vanished for a while. This made me invest in a pair of CDJ 2000s and a DJM 2000 which, I will admit are awesome. The DJM2000 is without a doubt my favourite mixer ever for it's effects and functionality, the Allen & Heath mixers I feel have a slightly better quality but are not as good value for money, and also don't quantize with pioneer CDJs.

Then came the controllers. Now I will admit right now that I haven't tried them all, or even half of them. But I am getting through them. We currently have in stock the DDJ SX2, DDJ RZX, DDJ 1000 and DDJ RX. I have had a good play with the SX2 and RX so I can give them a full review but the 1000 and RZX will take a bit more time. Each time we get a new device into stock a new review will be published and I will create a table of info to compare each one. 

Please remember that this is purely my opinion and maybe not matter of fact, but I guess that's as good as any.


More to follow

Andy Giles

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